About 01 It was in 1993 that Claber, a premier name in water and green care, and a world brand leader in centralized watering systems, decided to add a new arm to its organization: Clabermeteo is the company’s professional division, a product of research and synergy generated by the Claber Water School. About ClaberMeteo

About 01 Water is a vital resource in nature, and an asset for all humankind. It is this basic truth that inspires the Clabermeteo mission: to develop solutions capable of promoting correct, simple and effective management of water resources, in every kind of life and work situation. Water Saving

About 01 The world of professional watering is typified by a host of specific requirements, for which Clabermeteo offers comprehensive and customized products: utilizing the company’s innovative technologies, its knowledge of the sector, and above all, a real capacity for dialogue and service. ClaberMeteo World