FUTURA Watering System

Centralized software controllable from web browser.

Centralized software controllable from web browser

  • software on WEB platform
  • accessible from any PC or handheld PDA connected to the Internet
  • intuitive and functional interface

GSM communication between field units and central control system

  • maximum freedom of positioning
  • two-way communication between field units and central control system
  • functionality also including interaction via SMS, in manual mode and for alarms

Extreme ease and versatility of installation

  • powered by internal battery
  • compact dimensions
  • immersion waterproof
  • no need either for protective outdoor cabinets or for cable runs
  • swift installation: 10 minutes for each field unit deployed
  • AC or DC valves piloted

Evolved management and control services

  • programming and scheduling of watering activities
  • “expert” programming and management functions
  • program change actions preset via WEB/SMS
  • recording and management of watering activity, alarms and sensors
  • localization of units in alarm condition
  • multi-user access allowed

Scope for expansion by adding other field units

  • decoder, Futura® FCU radio decoder and Futura® slave

The Futura® Watering System widens the scope of application for professional centralized watering equipment, as it both dispenses with the need for wires and exploits the best known and most popular user interfaces: Web browsers and SMS text messages.

The revolution of the Futura® Watering System begins with Smart Watering Management Automation: simply visit www.clabermeteo.com as a registered user and access the Aquameteo® Web programming and control software. This can be done from any computer, or even from a handheld device; once on the page, following the simplest of procedures based on familiar web language, the user can set up to 16 programs with daily, weekly and yearly watering schedules, monitoring the utilization of water resources and the operation of the system, as well as view the map showing the position of Futura® FCU units and memorize all activity and alarm events.

Innovation continues with Futura® FCU outdoor units, which are able to dialogue with the Aquameteo® Web software by way of an integrated GSM system. Featuring a highly compact and waterproof design, these units can be installed swiftly and easily in a sunken cup, preventing environmental impact and avoiding the costs of installation in the open, as well as reducing the risk of vandalism. Futura® FCU units are powered by internal batteries that guarantee a life of 1 year (and can be recharged or replaced whenever the charge level detected by the system drops below a factory-set safety threshold.) Futura® FCU units can also be powered by mains voltage or solar panels.

Futura®FCU field units are able to control up to 9 AC or DC solenoid valves. There are also three different ways of expanding the communication system, using satellite units to increase the number of valves controlled: single cable, GSM and RF radio.

In addition to remote programming with Aquameteo® Web software, Futura® FCU units can receive instructions directly in the field, from green care staff or system users, contained in SMS text messages sent with a mobile phone. The units can also be connected to external sensors monitoring a whole range of environmental, weather and water parameters, so as to optimize the performance of the watering system still further: yet always with maximum simplicity and effectiveness.