Field Component

Clabermeteo is a one-stop resource for professional watering systems of every kind, tested at the Water School, Claber’s...

Clabermeteo is a one-stop resource for professional watering systems of every kind, tested at the Water School, Claber’s research and development centre.

Clabermeteo products undergo scientific testing procedures designed to measure DU (Distribution Uniformity), CU (Christiansen Uniformity) and SC (Scheduling Uniformity) of sprinklers, flow rate and pressure resistance of all components, efficiency in different climate conditions, and so forth, all in conformity with international standards.

A guarantee of quality that signifies efficiency, safety, optimization of investment and watering performance: true of every component, whatever the type of system.

Solenoid Valves

Clabermeteo solenoid valves are designed and constructed to meet every kind of professional watering requirement, guaranteeing maximum durability under all operating conditions and at the highest pressures. Characterized by supreme ease of installation and maintenance, valves are available with 24V AC solenoids and 12V DC bistable types.

The Programmable Elettra / Farm Solenoid Valve features a single module incorporating a programmer powered by a standard 9V battery and capable of programming up to 6 starts per day, scheduled weekly (Elettra) or yearly (Farm), with a bistable solenoid valve. It is therefore an extremely simple matter to set up a new automatic watering system, or automate an existing system, especially as there are no electrical connections required. The programming module is detachable from the solenoid valve, for reprogramming or safekeeping in winter.

Sprinklers e Turbines

These Clabermeteo components embody over 40 years of experience and research in watering and irrigation, and combine notable simplicity of installation and maintenance with superior distribution uniformity, in such a way as to optimize the usage of precious water resources, execute programs selected by the user with maximize precision, and guarantee the well-being of plants.


The range of products is especially broad, covering every need and every kind of green space: 90°, 180° and 360° fixed, up to 350° adjustable, square and rectangular areas, mid-strip and end-strip.

Intended specifically for larger green spaces, Clabermeteo turbines likewise offer a generous range of possibilities; these components have either interchangeable nozzles, or different spray patterns selectable directly at the nozzle outlet.


Anyone selecting Clabermeteo is guaranteed access to the biggest range of professional watering accessories available on the market: components for initial installation of the system, kits allowing the connection of programmers to street-lighting grids or to a solar panel; sensors for monitoring weather conditions, water meters, kits used for configuring decoders in the field.

All this, and with the total quality and manufacturing capability typical of a big industrial concern, not to mention the assurance of a backup service committed to the long term, and the certainty of readily available spare parts.