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A new era in watering and Watering Automation

The eco-friendly, responsible and smart management of water — an absolutely vital and by no means inexhaustible resource — is economically and ethically imperative on every level: be it the irrigation of large urban green spaces, specialized crop cultivation, golf courses, playing fields, residential centres or tourist complexes… water awareness is a must.

A global name in watering and irrigation, Claber decided some time ago to set up a strategically important project: the Clabermeteo professional division. This arm of the company is dedicated to developing innovative “Water Solutions” that will meet the specific demands of professional users: designers, installers, greenkeepers, city managers and watering managers.

Deploying its considerable know-how, and the synergy generated by resources accustomed to tackling green asset and water management problems, Claber has created the widest range of professional centralized watering solutions currently available on the market.

[Claber Meteo offers three distinct watering solutions designed to cater for different types of application. The three products combine soil irrigation technologies with specific control instruments, and with three possible “Smart Watering Management Automation” solutions, guaranteeing full supervision of programming functions and optimized watering management.]

With the recent “Futura Watering System”, which completes the range of Meteolab and IDS watering systems, Clabermeteo launches a new era in centralized irrigation and watering, providing installation possibilities unimaginable hitherto, not least the facility of remote control from absolutely any location, using an ordinary mobile phone or a computer connected to the Internet. Now that remote control is a reality, everyone can contribute even more easily — and proactively — to the new culture of green asset and water awareness!

Futura® Watering System

The new Clabermeteo system is based on the revolutionary Futura® electronic control unit, which can be battery powered and programmed via GSM. Thanks to its extremely compact dimensions and waterproof construction, as well as the absence of any connection to the mains power supply, the unit offers simply incredible ease and versatility of installation, anytime, anywhere: from small roadside flowerbeds with a single solenoid valve, to large expanses of publicly and privately owned green spaces with complex water supply systems. Every single Futura® control unit can handle up to nine solenoid valves and three sensors simultaneously, receiving and transmitting control signals and status information, with operation piloted by a flexible and centrally managed program.

The Futura® system is not only versatile to install. It is also especially easy to use: the great advantage of the system is that it can be programmed by way of an SMS text, without any need for the operator to be present on site. GSM connectivity allows full management of information and watering cycles over the Internet: simply access the Aquameteo WEB page of the Clabermeteo website to enter programming data and view the operation of the control unit in the field. Thanks to Clabermeteo, in short, Centralized Irrigation Control is rendered accessible to everybody: from service companies, to buildings and community systems, to water managers.